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Artist Illustrator Scarlett Rickard Self Portrait Illustration Folkestone Digital Pen and Ink Children's Educational GCI Publishing

We have a new illustrator - oh yes!

Scarlett Rickard

When we first saw Scarlett's portfolio of work we knew immediately we wanted to represent her. Already a busy and successful freelance illustrator but nonetheless new to children's and educational book publishing. She creates wonderful characterful pen and ink illustrations and also has digital skills so we feel she is an excellent new addition to the GCI portfolio.

Take a look at her portfolio for yourselves and see how Scarlett's work could suit your next illustrated publication be it a picture book, a graphic novel or non-fiction, we think she will exceed your expectations..!

GCI Artist Kerry Ingham UK General Election illustration June 8th 2017 Polling Station School Park

General Election 2017

Schools that are closed on Polling Days

Many parents will already be familiar with schools being closed for use as Polling Stations every time we go to the polls. Our artist Kerry Ingham decided to illustrate the impact this has and as you can see not everyone is unhappy

If you like Kerry's topical illustration, you might want to have a look at the recent updates to her portfolio too...

GCI Illustrator Artist Emily Skinner Midsummer May Day Children Dancing Pagan Maypole Illustration

May Day! May Day!

Dancing around the Maypole

In celebration of the 2017 May Day holiday Emily Skinner has composed an illustration of school children dancing around a Maypole.

As you'd expect if you already know her work, she has captured the fun and enthusiasm of the children as well as their youthful energy.

We've also taken this opportunity to update her portfolio with some other examples of her more recent work so what better excuse to take another look and see if Emily's the artist you need for your next commission?!

GCI #WorldBookDay 2017 Leighton Noyes illustration

World Book Day 2017

Dressing up...

Our artist Leighton Noyes thought he would create an illustration to celebrate the 20th World Book Day

As we know, many schools encourage their pupils to dress up for the day as their favourite character from a book. Leighton thought he would take this a step further and imagine how school might be if their favourite characters also turned up in person on the day...

We hope you enjoy spotting all the book characters in Leighton's illustration and you may also want to look at more of his imaginative ideas in his portfolio.


Portrait Illustration Duncan Graham-Cameron GCI Managing Director @gciuk

Service you can rely on!

It's what our reputation is built on

"...but I would prefer to come to you for these as your artists always do a fantastic job and are very reliable."

Another satisfied customer succinctly summing up what we are all about here at GCI. If you want an illustration agency that won't let you down even on short deadlines, you've obviously already found our website so please get in touch!

 Portfolios Self Portraits GCI Illustration Graham Cameron

Downloadable PDFs

All artist portfolios now have a PDF to download

We are pleased to announce the addition of the facility to download a PDF of samples for each of our artists.

All the artists' sample illustrations can be viewed in the portfolios as before and if you wish to print an image straight from your web browser then these have been formatted to print on a single sheet of A4.

However, further samples are now also available as a downloadable PDF. You will find this new option in each artist's thumbnail portfolio under their self-portrait and mini-biography.

Of course, we are still happy to create bespoke PDFs of an artist's work focussing on particular styles or subjects should you need these for a presentation.

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